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Klein & Kauffman Guitars

Steven Kauffman & Steve Klein

Cottage Grove, Oregon

(541) 600-5974

Fine Acoustic Steel String Guitars

Specialty Instruments: Shatki Harp, Acoustic Bass, Electrics, Harp-Guitar

In the guitar world, luthiers are likely to be working solo, individuals that are by nature social distancing and more than 6 feet apart from people. We’ll, that’s not really the case for Steve Klein and Steven Kauffman (Klein & Kauffman Guitars), this year S. Klein is celebrating 55 years as a builder/designer and 43 of those with S. Kauffman (they first met in Boston in 1979 at the G. A. L. Convention) and from 1993 onward Kauffman has been at the helm of building Kleins acoustic designs. So, as a duo or business partners, these men have collaborated in Electric Headless (Bill Frisell), Electric Basses (Mick Karn), Harp Guitars (Michael Hedges), Acoustic Basses (Sting, Stanley Clarke) to Acoustic Guitars (Joni Mitchell, Andy Summers, Steve Miller, Joe Walsh, Will Ackerman, Colin Hay and Peter Kaukonen among others).

Steven Kauffman builds his acoustics, one at a time by himself in his own shop in Cottage Grove, Oregon, Steve Klein builds his electrics at his shop in Sonoma, California and as of last year has licensed his electrics to a group in Japan, which has allowed the availability to the Asian market, something that he has done already thirty years ago with the Kiso guitars.

“We are looking forward in participating this year at the Pacific Audio Fest”.


———June 2022———

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