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Southwest Audio Fest Merchandise

Be proud of your Audio Show!

Celebrate the first annual high-end audio show in Texas with a very cool shirt!

These limited edition shirts will be on sale at the show - first come first served.

Quantities are limited

SWAF 2024

Limited Edition T-Shirts

T-Shirts (M- LG-XL)            $20

First Edition T-Shirts                   

 (M- LG-XL)                              $25

Add $5 for 2XL

Sales Tax included

Polo Shirts (M-LG-XL)       $30

First Edition Polo Shirts                   

 (M- LG-XL)                               $35


Add $5 for 2XL

Sales Tax included

Please purchase and pick up at the show. Thanks

Regular TS.jpg
1st Addition TS.jpg
Regular PolosS.jpg
1st Edition PoloS.jpg
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