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3 World premieres in the Cooper Room

JMF Audio introduces their PHS 7.2 Dual-mono phono stage.

JMF Audio’s knowhow in analog had been recognized in world-class recording studios as well

as by audio connoisseurs for more than 30 years. The definitive phono pre-amplifier’s circuits

would be developed capitalizing on our experience and our latest innovations. As the PHS

phono pre-amplifier would inherit from several of the PRS 1.5 line-level pre-amplifier’s aspects.

Minute signal extraction and faithfulness to the music being major challenges to achieve. The

JMF Audio PHS reference phono pre-amplifiers feature a dual mono design, fully balanced

circuitry, short signal path, and rely on the innovative proprietary ALP linearization.

Ideon Audio introduces the new flagship server - The Absolute Stream Meta

Ideon Audio specializes in digital playback components, and have managed to make their highly

acclaimed music server even better. Further eliminating noise and any lag time or interference

to optimize the digital input. Some of the key features - High quality bespoke transformers, ultra

quiet linear power supplies. Real-time core playback, via core CPU prioritized for audio playback. Proprietary software optimized for audio playback. Internal Roon-Core playback. High

quality solid state internal hard drive storage. Pure Music.

Pear Audio unveils their new Aras model. A reference turntable with a smaller footprint. A 14 inch platter, separate armboard with Pear’s own Cornet 3 12’ tonearm and a separate motor housing. Combined the result is pure analog magic Lifelike dynamics, ultra black background and perfect flow and timing.



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